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Seven Steps to Reclaim Democracy


These systems that extract wealth for an elite few are based on deception, manipulation, divisiveness, control, thievery and domination. They involve subjugation of the masses in a variety of forms. This is opposed to Democratic  systems that serve the common good based on transparency, collaboration, mutual respect, prosperity, and well-being.


These systems are like a societal circuitry, analogous to electrical circuits that channel, amplify, dissipate, and modulate energy and how it is used. Our society, which is presently wired to channel resources and control to the elite few, is well-illustrated by the wealth disparity in the U. S. This same system is also being applied to most other nations on this planet.

The story of Maui illustrates the shift within its society as the ancient native systems became blanketed by big-money interests, resulting in the subjugation and domination by Hawaii’s Big Five  companies and the struggle by residents to free themselves from these bonds. Even if it failed, each struggle provided important information that is valuable for any movement coming out of oppression.


There are markers in this historical story that point the way to reclaim democracy, resulting in systems that are concerned about humankind instead of profits. The rewiring process may not be as difficult as it might seem at first, once you understand the present structure and operating principles of Elite Systems.


Within these Elite Systems, there are inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities that provide channels for grassroots efforts to take back the systems. These avenues are part of the existing societal structure and wiring. By understanding where grassroots have the biggest advantage and Elite Systems have the greatest disadvantage, an effective proven strategy exists to transform the corruption.


In Maui, that strategy was put to the test. A group of activists applied seven steps over a ten-month period to end 125 years of rule by big business in Maui County….it worked!


Maui provides a template to reclaim democracy in your own community. It is a story of systemic change and announces the good news 99 % of the population has been longing for -- because, on some level, we all want to have more free time, greater abundance, health and well-being. However, most of the population are unaware of the dysfunction we live in, because we have never known a different landscape. Of those who are aware of the corrupt system, few understand the most direct path to change it.


The present environment and beliefs make it difficult to see our true potential and this direct path. They shape our sub-conscious and what we believe, influence perception and what we think is possible. We are fed a constant diet of propaganda and delusion, maintained by social engineering. The wealth disparities illustrate the incentive for the 1% to wage war on the 99%, in order to maintain their rule. This war is being fought, whether we want it, or not.


There is, however, a way to win this war for the greater prosperity and well-being of future generations. Maui is a guide showing how to use seven steps to lead the way back to Democracy. The systems that control and monitor society can be changed to serve all of society, instead of the elite few. Our most effective approach to rid our nation of this exploitive, manipulative, unjust hierarchy is where we still have power, at the grassroots level.


In Maui County, there are three islands, with one of the most diverse cultures in the United States. The main industry of tourism helps generate a nearly one-billion-dollar annual budget to run the county. Big-money interests have ruled the development and misuse of the islands for generations. Despite the beauty and natural abundance of the islands, many residents have suffered because of this exploitation. The “good old boy network” ruled until a new approach was used, tapping into a channel to change the circuitry so it functions to serve the common good. This story also illustrates how you can bring this important shift to your community.


Seven steps can reclaim Democracy throughout our communities, counties, states, and nations.



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