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The Maui Community Investigation into the Lahaina fire is a local grassroots organization whose mission is to be a repository of data, videos, and testimonies of forensic significance. To organize relevant facts and analyze the data with experts. And ensure that a transparent, objective public investigation and hearing is held.

We are a repository of data, pictures, videos, and testimonies of forensic significance for the recent Lahaina Maui fires (there were several separate fires on August 8), presented for easily searchable access.

Our Maui community is navigating through shock and trauma while moving forward toward recovery. Many people – local and elsewhere - are asking, how could this happen? The destruction is mind blowing and the range of suggested causes don’t account for a troubling number of odd anomalies that remain unexplained. A significant number of residents sense that something is wrong.

Local researchers started gathering data early on. This has evolved into the official Maui Community Investigation which has become a community repository of data that encompasses over 50 categories. Our goal is to provide facts and evidence for our global community to consider. Many people justifiably lack trust in our government to run a just investigation. By making data available to the public, openly and transparently, we change that playbook.

Our second objective is to turn awareness and passion into action through strategies directed toward systemic change. The Reclaim Democracy Project provides a wide range of support and resources for exactly this, including guidance for civic action and how to elect representatives who serve the people and environment. The Project provides hands-on strategies, educational materials, skill building and organizational development for grassroots political action committees in communities everywhere. We are also educating the community about the release of lab-infected mosquitos, not only in Maui but in many parts of the United States.

Thank you for joining in to help expose the truth, organize, and bring about systemic change.

Meet Some of Executive Team

Paul Deslauriers is the Director of the Maui Community Investigation. He is an organization development consultant with 36 years’ experience. As director of the political action committee, the Maui Pono Network, in 2018 he helped usher in a Progressive majority in Maui County, Hawaii, for the first time in 125 years. Paul was a Maui Charter Commissioner. His organization has supported 19 Charter Amendments that have changed local laws to reset for the common good. Paul also coordinated 287 grassroots groups that were focused on government system change in the 9/11, 2001 Truth Movement. He was involved with a wide range of industries, restructuring over 100 businesses to function at their optimum potential. Author of Common Sense How we are Reclaiming Democracy and Resetting for the Common Good
Bruce Douglas is a community organizer who develops and produce incredible Maui events: that includes 28 years of Earth Day, Front Line Doctor Tour for vaccine injury this past August, co-founding and directing the Shaka Movement in 2014 and also a co-founder of the Maui Pono Network. He develops banners and cards for the Ohana Candidates campaigning  for public office that are widely distributed every 2 years.

Dr Kathy Forti  is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the mental health field working with individuals and families from all cultures and backgrounds. She has  developed alternative tools to help address the underlying energetics behind the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health challenges faced by individuals.

Dr. Forti received her Doctorate and Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Old Dominion University in Virginia and has trained hundreds of therapists in techniques such as trauma, neurofeedback and energy medicine. She is also the author of Fractals of God.

Lawrence Lassek  After graduate school in business, experience was gained with large consumer product companies in marketing and strategic planning. It was followed by 40 years of wide variety of professional experience: starting a Bay Area computer company, teaching strategic planning, presenting a bill in US Congress to stop cutting in the Sequoia National Forest, acquiring and selling the Maui Juice Company. Recently, services as a tax preparation specialist along with accounting systems have been provided to Maui business and individual

Donna Thompson has served as an investigator and security subject matter expert for over 32 years. After graduating with a BA in Anthropology with emphasis on Biology, she completed an internship at the Federal Bureau of Investigation forensics lab in Washington DC. Her career evolved into intelligence collection supporting numerous national security investigations thru the 1990's. Over 24 years ago Ms. Thompson received certification as a platform instructor and course designer. She has provided thousands of hours of platform and field instruction on observational awareness, behavioral analysis patterns, and intelligence collection methods to a variety of US government agencies. Since 2005, she has managed facility, personnel, and data collection/analysis of intelligence requirements for anti-terrorist screens. Ms.Thompson founded a private security consulting firm 18 years ago. As CEO and lead administrator she has provided risk management for private firms, maintained a cadre of skilled support personnel, and developed and implemented curriculum in her area of expertise for mission ready scenarios. In 2017 Ms. Thompson completed her certification as a health practitioner in Nutritional Balancing and has been active as a volunteer assisting the local community using her skills in due diligence investigative research.

There is an uplifting solution to the growing restrictions upon our liberties, providing a different global reset from the one touted by mainstream media. This is a grassroots countermove that peacefully brings about systemic change for the common good.

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