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Lahaina fire.



by Paul Deslauriers       


The Lahaina Fire on Maui has left a wake of death and destruction, with on-site witnesses providing first-hand accounts to help create an information hub and a repository of relevant videos, pictures, data and interviews. Survivors caught in the fire have sent in their images and testimonies.

Thirty verified anomalies and important questions about the fire have surfaced that remain unexplained and unanswered. Five former fire captains and chiefs all arrived at the same conclusion when they reviewed the data: This was not just a natural wildfire. Their expert opinions emphasize why an objective, transparent, community-led investigation is vitally important.

Tim Stokesbary, retired Fire Captain of Kauai reviews anomalies and proposed causes here:


Investigations of the Lahaina fire are currently being conducted by the state attorney general, Maui County, Hawaiian Electric, and relative to class action suits. But even a cursory inquiry reveals why a community investigation must also proceed.

Hawaii’s Attorney General hired Underwriter Laboratories’ Fire Safety Research Institute to conduct the official investigation. Underwriter Laboratories is a member of the World Economic Forum. This is the same organization that conducted the investigation into the New York City tower collapses on 9/11/2001. Their infamous NIST report was filled with false claims, flawed analyses, and inaccurate conclusions. This precedent can only validate distrust in the same organization conducting the official Lahaina investigation.

Whistleblower Kevin Ryan exposes Underwriter’s Laboratory:

Further community concerns about bias influencing investigations include:

  • The governor insisting that global warming was the cause. Period.

  • The County of Maui is facing16 lawsuits that require them to keep their investigation and information off the public record.

  • Hawaiian Electric and other private entities are also confronted by lawsuits and are committed to proving they are not liable.

  • A slew of class action suits involve lawyers looking forward to a huge payday.


This is why local residents have taken responsibility to conduct our own factual, transparent, unbiased public investigation and hearing.  We seek to discover what unknown factors contributed to the extreme destruction and loss of life, and to answer questions that can’t immediately be accounted for by global warming, Hawaii Electric’s failures, and widespread incompetence by those tasked with the official response.


Below is a list of 30 points of concern our community-led investigation has discovered. Please sign our petition for a public, transparent, objective investigation and public hearing that considers all these points. To show your support, please sign our petition at


30 Points to Discuss in a Transparent Investigation and Public Hearing
into the August 8th Lahaina Fire.

In our research; six weather and climate anomalies, five infrastructure failures, twelve fire anomalies, and seven proposed causes have been identified. These 30 points below are worthy of investigation.


Six weather and climate anomalies on August 7th and 8th:

  • Global Warming? Temperatures cycles on Maui have remained consistent since 1936.

  • Wind? Hurricane Dora was nearly 500 miles away.

  • Many unusual wind cyclones appeared over the water.

  • White haze and particle coating observed in local skies on August 7th

  • Recorded atmospheric distortions.

  • Strange cloud formations.


Five infrastructure failures include:

  • Emergency sirens not going off.

  • Cell phone service went down the fire.

  • Electrical power was off in the early morning, 3:30 am.

  • Lack of water at resident hydrants.

  • Police blocking exit roads.


Twelve fire anomalies include:

  • Trees standing among the ruins with green leaves intact.

  • Trees burnt from within.

  • Melting of steel (requiring temperatures in excess of those generated in wildfires, even accounting for the “bellows effect” from high winds).

  • Melting of glass (requiring temperatures in excess of those generated in wildfires, even accounting for the “bellows effect” from high winds).

  • Strange incineration patterns on cars.

  • Fire destruction around buildings and areas left otherwise unscathed.

  • Untouched objects of a certain blue color found in the rubble.

  • China and plastic composition objects remaining intact.

  • High levels of white dust incineration.

  • Bodies with hair, reduced to a charred heap.

  • Other bodies reduced to ash.

  • Lack of accurate accounting of fatalities.


Seven proposed causes that could account for all or some of the anomalies:

  • Global Warming

  • Hurricane Dora

  • Geo-Engineered Weather

  • Electrical Fires

  • High Dry Grass

  • Arson

  • High Energy Weapons


The Maui Community Investigation is pursuing four legal avenues:

  • Hawaii Civil Court,

  • a Performance Audit of the Maui Police Department,

  • a Petition for Grievances using Common Law,

  • a Bill in Hawaii’s Legislative Branch.


Our goal is ensure that all the facts and the truth they reveal are considered fairly.



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