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Episode 3: The Operating System for Corporate Rule vs Home Rule



Corporate Rule, regardless of the size of the nation or region, shares similar characteristics that apply to all forms of governance that serve the elite few. Their systems of governance uses comparable wiring and operating systems, and also share similar vulnerabilities. Likewise, Home Rule that serves the people and the environment also has an inherent operating system.


So, let’s explore 7 Corporate Rule and Home Rule Characteristics that make up their operating system.

the first characteristic:



 1. Hierarchy vs Local Empowerment

The pyramid structure indicates how the control of the masses is vested in a few.

In our present ruling system, the pyramid is disconnected at the top like the depiction of the back of a one-dollar bill. There is a separation from the needs of the environment and citizens, and a focus on their own self-contained agenda. The goals of those who control this top pyramid are not for the betterment of the human race, or for the masses to reach their potential. It is about creating and reinforcing a system that furthers their own agenda of control and domination.


The antithesis of hierarchy is grassroots-organizing and local empowerment of the people and government representatives. Local Government consists of counties, cities or towns. The Federal and State governance is dependent on local governance. However local government is not dependent on the upper layers. Counties are self-sufficient legal entities with their own charter that serves as their local constitution.

Organizing at the base of the pyramid facilitates a different wiring, where the power goes to the communities that generate the wealth, instead of having it wired to the elite few. This local empowerment increases by electing a majority of the governing board or council who serve the people and the environment. Future episodes will provide tools for candidate endorsements and campaigns.


 2. Consolidation vs Dispersion

The Corporate Elite consolidate for their profit and control. An example is where I live. After the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 by the US Marines and wealthy plantation owners. Five corporations controlled employment, water, transportation, food   and relegated the residents to being indentured servants. In our present system consolidation has lead to fascism that has become greatly amplified through technology.

The World Economic Forum trained and developed hundreds of world leaders to align with the Corporate Rule agenda. All major corporations are primarily owned by two mega investment firms: Vanguard, Black Rock, There are many other lesser players like Morgan Stanley, State Street and Berkshire Hathaway


Out of these industries the prize is media. Control of the media is essential in order to engineer consent.  When I was a business consultant, I worked closely with 28 TV broadcasting stations from 1987 to 1993. I dined with broadcasting executives who often expressed their concerns about the FCC regulation changes. There were an alarming number of mergers and buyouts, and they were witnessing the repercussions in their industry. The only groups to win these merger bids were large corporate entities run by rightwing extremists. These executives knew that when diversity is lost, and the group controlling the media has an extremist agenda, our ability to get to the truth will be greatly diminished.

In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media and by 1994 only 5 huge corporations control it: Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch's News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS) --

This media consolidation facilitates  control of the narrative. The influence of this narrative forms beliefs and is the main battle for Democracy covered in Episode 2.


The antithesis of their consolidation is dispersion over the base. Having a strong local voice and uncensored platforms. Actually the local narrative can connect much more deeply than mainstream media. It goes to where people live and issues have a deeper emotional connection. That means utilizing local blogs, podcasts, social media, and local TV and radio. Here in Maui County, we have Akaku TV, Mana’o Radio, Maui Times newspaper, and the Maui Pono Network information hub. A local fact-based independent communication platform is an important countermeasure.

This dispersion includes local businesses and ventures. Small and mid-size businesses have declined and was amplified with pandemic lockdowns. It means that as consumers, we need to continue to purchase from local businesses.


Corporate Elite are consolidating currency to a central system in the form of digital currency they control. The objective being a central social credit score system similar to China. Basically, if you do something the “authorities” don’t like you can’t access your funds.


There are three forms of local exchange that I have been involved with. In Berkshire County Massachusetts we have a local paper currency accepted by local banks and merchants called Berkshares. I was one of the founding members for the Common Good financial system a local currency using credit cards. Another important tool is barter.  We started Berkshire Time Bank. For every hour a person spends providing a service for someone in their community, they earn one Time Dollar, a liquid currency, that can be used for services. There are many barter and trade associations you can find on the web that bypass the central monetary system.  


 3. Secrecy vs Transparency

Under Corporate Rule agreements, plans and strategies are made behind closed doors, benefiting the people and their associates behind those doors. They limit inclusion and rig things for their own benefit. Federal expenditures are hidden in a maze of other bills. A smokescreen of supposedly complicated negotiations, bi-partisan fighting, and deals becomes the excuse for the policies. Or a crisis is created so the Elite can implement their plan as part of a deceptive solution.


The level of censorship over the pandemic should alarm anyone. Corporate Rule suppresses facts or removes anything that opposes their narrative. It was revealed that very early on during the clinical trials that the Pfizer vaccine had 1,291 adverse effects and growing death rates from their Covid shot. Yet the FDA kept that secret and painted their narrative that it was safe and increased mandates to force people to get injected. The FDA tried to stop the release of this data for 75 years but the courts ordered its release.


Truth and facts are vital so acknowledge and support whistle-blowers, reporters and activists who speak out about the corruption. The continued persecution of Julian Assange and Eric Snowden shows the extent the United States goes to punish those who disclose information about the Deep State. I was called a terrorist for questioning the government’s narrative of 9/11/2001.


Go to your County clerk and request information on important votes and how they voted. Make a report card on how the incumbent’s vote. In Maui County we reported on the voting records for 12 of the most important issues for our county. There was a clear dividing line between those who served corporations and those who served the people and the environment. Make the truth easy to see.


 4. Compartmentalize vs Team Work

The structure of Corporate Rule divides tasks among their minions, assuring that only the Elite few understand the big picture. Knowledge is power and compartmentalizing tasks allows only those at the top of the organization to know the big picture.


The ultra-elite are well hidden from public view. They hire front people to create the illusion that their puppets are in control. Often, layers of compartmentalization complicate the true picture of what is occurring. Layers of bureaucracy often hide the true perpetrators.

In these Elite Systems, there is a maze in this hierarchy set in place to discourage dissent and change. A long path of requirements, approvals, and provisions make any substantive change from the bottom of the pyramid nearly impossible.


Compartmentalizing opposes an inclusive approach of teamwork and transparency, both of which are inherent in grassroots organizing. You want the team to understand the big picture and keep informed of developments. 


As an organizational development consultant, I was called in to shift the culture and structure of companies who operated from a top down to cross departmental team collaboration. I would often break up entrenched silos and developing a team approach of sharing information. It was an approach staff embraced because they were more empowered, and their jobs became more exciting and it encouraged professional growth. As a result productivity, effectiveness, and creativity greatly increased.


5.Divisiveness vs Unity

Corporate Rule uses divisiveness to help assure that the 99% does not organize. It involves the media stirring up emotions about immigration, religion, abortion, gay rights, and mandates. It also involves busting up organizing efforts.

In 2006, through my involvement in 9/11, I became the coordinator for 287 grassroots groups in the US and 62 international focused on exposing the truth of 9/11/2001. Through these communities, we invoked a collective power and authority to expose the truth of the irrefutable evidence we had gathered on the events of that day.


As coordinator I would get regular calls and reports of government hired contractors who were actively trying to shut down grassroots operations. Th

ey infiltrated groups, mostly in cities where there are a lot of new faces. The CIA had training sessions teaching saboteurs how to break up organizations that opposed their narrative. It doesn’t take many. In New England I knew of six saboteurs focused on the 9/11 truth movement. I got to see their tactics and wrote a grassroots guide to make groups aware with counter strategies. Contact me if you are interested in an updated version.


This divisiveness goes deep as systemic racism. Those at the top have  big influence on the culture. The eugenicists’ philosophy thrives among these ultra-elite. Because they have amassed tremendous wealth, they feel ordained to rule over the many. They are separate from the lower peons.

As we realize and act upon our common brotherhood and sisterhood, we acknowledge the deeper bond that unites all of humanity. It is about going beyond the external wrapping to the human being inside. When we embrace our common bond, we also bond with a more spiritual dimension that is beyond divisions.


In a community-based structure there is no discrimination as it only becomes a disadvantage for the community. It is like an athletic team, where your ability and heart determine your contribution to the goals. The goal is to win the battle being waged on humanity and our most powerful weapon is unity.



 6. Dark Values vs Values of Light

Dark values embraced by Corporate Rule includes deception, manipulation, lies, censorship, greed, theft, self-centered delusion, harming others and even murder. Those who rise to the top have their moral compass pointed toward their profit and power. They employ evil and domination as core values.


Most people’s moral compasses won’t allow them to willfully harm others for profit and power. Our deeper nature is love and compassion. Although everyone is not coming from this deeper place, it is inside all of us. Love has the power to unite all and shed light on darkness. On an energetic level, a great power is possible through connecting in a place of love and respect, enough to overcome these dark forces.


This is not a revolution, but an evolution. If everything is energy and consciousness, then we are moving toward a higher vibration and consciousness. The highest energy vibration we feel as love. It is the antithesis of the low-vibrating energy and consciousness of dark values. Corporate Rule only takes humanity further from the Light. A system that embraces the higher energy values of transparency, inclusion, feedback, teamwork, compassion a shift occurs. It is an evolutionary shift, and it is our nature to evolve.


 7. Sociopathic System vs Community System

Since the courts have granted personhood to Corporations lets look at their personality. Corporate Rule is based on deception, manipulation, lies, theft, secrecy, domination, and harming others. This is the personality of a sociopath. Those who rise rapidly in such a system have no conscience or remorse for doing horrific acts.


Sociopaths have “emotional deafness” — a biochemical inability to experience normal feelings of empathy for others. There is an insular focus on personal desires. This shark-like fixation on self-interest means that sociopaths often feel a clear detachment from other people, viewing them more as small animals to be preyed upon than as fellow humans to relate to.

They see themselves as above others; the rules do not apply to them. “I can do what I please.” According to them, they are the rulers of these lowly serfs. They see themselves as superior.


One of the main protections of sociopaths is their ability to hide their true intentions through deceit and manipulation. They “play” other people. Also, most people can’t imagine that someone would provoke such evil onto others simply for their personal gain or amusement. The degree of evil can make some crimes incomprehensible, as we have witnessed with genocide and serial killers.

So, we are presently dealing with sociopathic systems. Just as this personality type consistently exhibits particular fears and concerns, the systems made in their image share the same vulnerabilities. The two biggest fears of a sociopath and the more severe psychopaths are (1) being found out and (2) losing power. This makes two strategies stand out: inform the public of the deception and unplug from these evil systems. It is doable when you understand the system, its power base and how to change it from the inside out.


A growing number of people see that the government and the corporate world have secretly fused together in a scheme to relegate the population to serfdom. Their collaboration provides a power that no individual can go up against. However, when the 99% come together, they generate a force that can eliminate this exploitation and install systems that benefit the community and the common good.

    Exposure of the truth is the enemy and fear of Sociopathic rulers. Their next biggest fear is the 99% unplugging from their corrupt system … non-co-operation. They fear citizens organizing on a local level. So Let them realize their fear as we embrace Home Rule.

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