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High Energy Weapon Platforms:

Small Drones like Lockheed Martin's Morfius that gives off high energy microwave.

Satellite energy weapons are a consideration.

Large drones and planes are a platform

Haleakula has a large laser


Lockheed Martin's Morfius

MORFIUS is a Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) interceptor Engineered with decades of expertise in high-powered microwave (HPM) technology, MORFIUS is the leading compact airborne HPM system built to combat drones and drone swarms.
MORFIUS is built to launch from fixed or mobile platforms, including ground vehicles, air vehicles and vessels, readily supporting On-The-Move (OTM) scenarios.


The air vehicle is 1.02 meters long, has a 2.54 meters wingspan, the payload bay diameter is 152 mm (6 ”), which corresponds to the fuselage maximum dimension, and is 178 mm (7 ”) long, maximum payload weight being up to 3.18 kg (7 lb). In its original form the Altius-600 has an endurance in excess of 4 hours, and a range of up to 440 km. Powered by an electric motor fitted with a two-blade pushing propeller, the UAS developed by the Georgia-based company can reach a dash speed of 90 knots, cruise speed being 60 knots. The UAV is ejected from the tube using the Pneumatically Integrated Launch System, and beside ground-based use the Altius-600 has been successfully integrated and launched from a number of air platforms such as C-130A, AC-130J, UH-60, and P-3, hence its definition of ALE (Air Launched Effects), carrying different types of payloads.

The MoRFIUS solution is the product of the Altius-600 fitted with a miniaturised High Power Microwave (HPM) payload


According to Rebecca Schwartz the Lockheed Martin airborne HPM device “generates over one million times more power than a microwave oven,” the latter average power being around 1 kW, the high peak power reducing to a minimum the time needed to deliver sufficient energy to the target.

Directed Energy Weapons

The Pentagon is spending $1 billion a year developing laser and microwave weapons.

Here is some of the weapon information disclosed to the public. Top secret weapons and technology being developed by well paid contractors further amplifies the threat to those who are targeted.

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