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​Underneath all we think is all we believe. The primary battle for democracy is within each of us.  There are daily skirmishes, to gain control of your subconscious beliefs, that can shape perceptions that can lull individuals and a society into fabricated illusion. Beliefs have the power to enslave humanity or help it reach its highest potential.


Our beliefs shape our thoughts, direct our actions, and form our perception of the world we live in. They affect our biochemistry, digestion, glands, immune systems, and all aspects of our being.  We cannot help but act according to our beliefs and live them out as our conceptual centers. 

Images and emotions connect in clusters or complexes to form beliefs that become embedded in our consciousness. Beliefs can be planted in us without our knowledge or consent. In this way, we become manipulated without realizing it.  A science has been exploring the manipulation and influence of beliefs for over one hundred years. The primary funding source for this science was the Rockefeller Foundation. They explored how to mold society for a certain function, aspiration, and achievement; and also how to prevent the population from protesting the loss of their rights, or accept the growing class divides.


Unconscious beliefs can be developed by those who control the media, religious, government and monetary systems. These orchestrators  invade the subconscious to deceive us into giving our wealth and well-being to few self-proclaimed leaders. We can be led to believe anything, including the false perception that we are powerless to change these corrupt systems. We can voluntarily throw away our liberties and embrace fascism and technocracy in their fabricated vision. Or we can address these beliefs head on and take a different path.


Understanding the formation mechanisms of these beliefs can help us remove them from the subconscious opening new possibilities.

According to psychologists like Carl Jung, this unconscious layer shapes over 90% of what we perceive, and forms a collective standpoint for creating our awareness of our world.


Outside influences can program beliefs and create a new “reality” based on distortion and lies. In this way, a dream world has been woven by the Elite, fashioned around unsustainable material consumerism, divisiveness, fear, and dreams.

Our subconscious can be crafted to take actions that harm us, our family, and nation. We can even be lulled into a cultural trance. It all starts with the formation of beliefs.


Personal Belief Formation

1. A belief is formed by a major event occurs, that stirs emotion or a constant reinforcement of a message. 

2. We interpret the event and messages to make a decision:  This is what I need to do to: succeed, or to take care of my health, or to make sense of it. You come to conclusion that makes sense to you.

3. We have a feeling of certainty about that decision. 

4. We look for, and find, further proof that we have made a good decision.  We ignore or deny evidence to the contrary. 

5. Our belief begins to dictate the world we co-create and experience. 


Now let’s play these 5 out with the 9/11/2001

  1. A belief is formed: A horrific incident in New York City and Washington DC, with images playing globally and the constant message of the War on Terror, penetrating our subconscious with significant emotions.

  2. Interpret and make a decision: Immediate messaging that day was that it was middle east terrorist and that we must protect ourselves and our action is a justified war.

  3. The feeling of certainty: that we have to get Osama and get all those who oppose the freedom and liberty the US stands for.

  4. This gets by seeing armed guards at high traffic spots, homeland security, red alerts, Anthrax, security lines, facial recognition, cameras everywhere….

  5. Dictates our World: Now it gets engrained in our laws like the Patriot Act, Marshall Law, NSA


These actions are predicated on a belief that a man in a cave in Afghanistan orchestrated box cutting Jihad terrorists to hijack 4 planes and strike the heart of the most powerful military and financial establishment on the planet. Those orchestrating the messaging also branded anyone who opposes this narrative as a conspiracy nut, wearing tin hats, and even labeled a terrorist.


Now we have a more global version from Mass Belief Formation

Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium concluded that:

1 The central condition for mass formation to occur is a lack of societal bonding. In other words, social isolation on a mass scale, which is precisely what the lockdowns were all about. But even before the pandemic, social isolation was at a historical high

2 The second condition is that a majority of people must experience life as meaningless and purposeless. Like lockdowns taking away your job or firing you if you did not take an experimental shot.

3 The third condition is widespread free-floating anxiety and free-floating discontent. This refers to discontent and anxiety that have no apparent or distinct causes like a virus no one can see and can be carried and spread without symptoms.

4 The fourth condition is free-floating frustration and aggression, which tends to naturally follow the previous three. Here, again, the frustration and aggression have no discernible cause


One solution involves community and cohesiveness around a different narrative. Notice the attempts to break up people organizing because the powers that should not be are helping to assure that this grassroots force does not gather together, mandating masks, social distancing, the destruction of many local businesses, and lockdowns.  The protests are working as they show a peaceful community force


Now that we looked at the impact and the influence of belief formation. It is important to emphasize your interpretation of the input that shapes beliefs

For ten years, I led workshops that explored the way personal beliefs shape relationships.  In one workshop, a woman said that her primary belief about relationships was, “You can’t trust men—they are out to get you.”  At age 32, she had no relationships with men and yet wanted a male companion.

With some coaching and introspection, she uncovered the root experience of that belief.  One day when she was 12 years old, she was visiting her cousin in her uncle’s bar, and   got cornered in the back room by one of the regular patrons.  He grabbed her and planted a wet kiss on her mouth.  She pushed him away, disgusted, ran out, and never told anyone.  But she made a decision that men are disgusting and formed a belief that shaped her actions thereafter.

In this very same program, there was a man who touched me deeply by his loving interactions within our group of sixty participants. He exuded love.  I could feel it coming right from his heart.


During one of the breaks, I asked this man what he had done to be in this loving energy space.  He looked at me with a smile and showed me his forearm, where there were numbers tattooed. 


He told me, “During World War II, my parents, sister, two brothers, and I were all taken to Auschwitz.  I was the only one to survive.  While regaining my strength after I was freed, I had time to reflect on this experience.  At times I felt anger and the discord of hate.  But I saw how this negativity was impacting my recovery.

Then I drew on another experience, reflecting on the love my family shared before being imprisoned.  When I would envision my family, I would recall love and openness, and a surge of energy would enter my heart.  I made a decision to hold that expansive energy in my heart versus the contracted energy of hate.    I would live what my family taught me, not the hate of the prison camp.  And that has been the belief I live on a daily basis.”


One person suffered a forced kiss and chose to shut down her heart.  Another suffered atrocities and chose to keep his heart open.  It’s not the events or messaging that creates our beliefs.  It’s our decision about how we interpret the events and other input that makes all the difference.

We can interpret the events created by the parasitic elite in a way that shuts down our heart and dampens our spirits. Or, we can be like the former Auschwitz prisoner who used his experiences as a way to focus on the power of love. Or it provides different interpretations of events.


Don’t allow past beliefs to divide the 99% and foster hate. Like  9/11/2001, some believe it was middle east terrorists, others believe it was an inside job. Some believe in carbon driven climate change others believe the elite have weaponized weather using geoengineering. Some believe the response to Covid was lifesaving others see it a strategy for implementing their new world order. Regardless of where you stand on these past issues, we must not allow those beliefs to divide the 99% and dissipate our collective strengths.


Transforming Beliefs: Do the beliefs you hold expand your potential and energize you or shut yo down?


Personal growth involves confronting and transforming self-limiting or destructive beliefs. Our societal growth requires a similar introspection. Our growth as a community and a nation requires removing the distortions implanted in our collective subconscious. If you put them there or were receptive to them, you can remove them.


Here are some tools for Transforming Beliefs

  1. Question the premise of the belief:How did it form, what decisions did you make? You may have been led astray. Dysfunctional beliefs are founded on false premises. Question the premise and conclusion, go to the actual facts. Here are some of the embedded messages that distorts our perception in the United States.


Untrue Beliefs Preventing System Change

  • The United States stands for democracy and freedom, and its leaders are guided by what serves its citizens. So there is no need for concern.

  • We must sacrifice our freedoms and rights to fight this global Pandemic or War on Terror, and must comply with what the government wants “for the good of all.”

  • We are dependent on the Federal and State governments for our safety and well-being.

  • The 99% is disempowered to make changes on a grassroots level.

  • The Federal Reserve and the business of printing money are owned by the Federal Government.

  • Since the information we get from TV and the print media is fair and balanced, there is no need to question what we are told.


  1. Realize the repercussions of the dysfunctional belief. What have been the consequences, what are you getting? The quickest way to change a belief is to associate it with pain and suffering.

  2. Focus on joy and love, and the low-vibration beliefs will drop away, as they are not being fed the energy that sustains them.

  3. Create an “empowered belief”:Align a new belief with the greater truth of who you are and what you would like your community to become.

  4. Get support for your empowered belief and utilize this reinforcement, which can come from family, friends, business associates, a grassroots group, or a higher power.


Focus on the belief that we can get out of this societal mess. We can release ourselves from corporate rule and the bleak world it offers. We can remove the shackles of this system.


Replace the beliefs that keep you participating in a system that fuels evil. When you believe, you can resolve community needs locally. When you believe, you can be joyous and partake in the abundance that surrounds us. When you believe, there is hope. When you believe you can, you can.


Belief Reminders

  • Under our patterns of behavior, under all that we think, lives all we believe.

  • The events of our lives do not determine our realities so much as the decisions that we make about those events.  These decisions can form beliefs.

  • Our beliefs become unquestioned commands to our nervous systems.  They write the script for our perceptions.

  • Beliefs shape intention and action. They have the power to expand or destroy the possibilities of our present and future. 

  • Beliefs can be planted and manipulated, like the Pandemic and the “War on Terror.” Also, our memory can be influenced to change its recall. So we may have many false beliefs.

  • Whenever we believe something, we no longer question it.  Question your beliefs.  Question your group’s beliefs.

  • Breakthroughs in awakenings are triggered with a change in energy-draining beliefs.

  • Believe in and think about what you want. Visualize and affirm the change.

Episode 2: The Primary Battle for Democracy….Beliefs

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