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HOME RULE vs CORPORATE RULE: Reset for the Common Good


STOP Corporate Rule for Profit and Domination

PULL the Dynamic Trigger for Systemic Change

 A global societal shift is underway catalyzed by the Pandemic. Regardless of the truth and facts on how we got here, we are in it. A well-orchestrated strategy to amplify Corporate Rule is underway. However, we have a choice and a different strategy is underway, communities are choosing Home Rule and a refocus on the Common Good.

Look at what is unfolding if we do nothing. A New World Order is being declared, but what type of “Order” are we being herded into? Technological advances of facial recognition, surveillance, 5G, and censoring the Internet, vaccine divisiveness and coercion. and a range of medical marshal law restrictions, while the ultra-wealthy profit and our freedoms erode.

This book uncovers the corrupt system from its inception, morphing into a cancer that has eaten away our Democracy and shows a proven path to peacefully move into Home Rule. This uplifting change process is well-illustrated by its successes using the grassroots strategy that triggers the shift to the Common Good and a bright future.

This is not about anarchy; it is about adjusting the existing system so that it serves the people, instead of supporting corporate greed and the removal of liberties. The pandemic has provided a rapid acceleration to enact Corporate Rule. This can also be an acceleration for Home Rule.


The Chinese word for “crisis” consists of two syllables. The first means a dangerous moment. Our global society is in danger. Our personal liberties are in a tailspin in this Pandemic era. The second syllable means change point or crucial point when something begins or changes. Main-stream media is touting that we are in a societal reset. So, the question is what are we resetting into?
Regardless of whether you perceive this Pandemic as a terrible natural disaster, or something fabricated to enslave the population, the societal shift is in full swing. We are in a reset with lockdowns, masks, the demolition of the economy, and fear of the unknown. However, if we act quickly and strategically, we can shift to systems that benefit the common good instead of corporate profits. By acting now, we can prevent what many predict is the onset of George Orwell’s 1984, and instead create a paradise on earth.

In a societal reframing, what takes hold depends on the path taken: Home Rule or Corporate Rule. Actively engaged in the reset are the corporate elite, who control the vast majority of the wealth and media. A New World Order is being declared, but what type of “Order” are we being herded into? Technological advances of facial recognition, surveillance, G-5, and censoring the Internet. Now we have a range of medical marshal law and are being coerced to be injected with an experimental vaccine. These are just some of the tools that facilitate the few to rule the many, and a platform for the operation of a fascist police state. There is an uplifting counter-reframing that is facilitated by understanding what we are presently immersed in.

This text uncovers the formation and development of Corporate Rule in the United States. It provides a deep understanding of the characteristics of this system, and the strategies of the corporate elite. Our global society is presently wired to channel resources and control to the elite few. This is well-illustrated by wealth disparity. In 2017, an Oxfam study found that eight rich people, six of them Americans, own as much combined wealth as half the human race. In this pandemic, three people alone have raked in $84 billion dollars in personal profit, while the majority of the planet suffers.

Just as the corporate elite are proactive in this reset, so must the 99% be, if we are to prevent greater restrictions on our liberty. Citizens must be willing to engage on a grassroots level in order to counter the bleak future that corporate rule brings.
But what are we engaging in? How can we assure a society that supports the common good? How can we end corrupt corporate governance? What can bring about this transition with the least amount of resistance and disruption? Can this reset for the common good be achieved in a loving and peaceful way?

The answers start by realizing we are dealing with a systems issue. It is about the wiring and control of resources and power along key paths within the system. These systems are a societal circuitry, analogous to electrical circuits that channel, amplify, dissipate, and modulate energy, and how it is used Through an understanding of this societal wiring, and the development and nature of Corporate Rule, we can go after the system’s weaknesses for the most significant impact.

As an organizational development consultant for thirty-six years, my specialty was transforming organizational systems, so they perform at an optimal level. Every organized system has a key trigger point, the point within the system that can uplift and optimize it with the least amount of energy and disruption. This is also true for our much larger societal systems.

Home Rule vs Corporate Rule identifies our society’s trigger and proven ways to shift it to serve the common good. Home Rule results in a system where community and environmental needs are prioritized over corporate profits and destructive policies. It is a shift from a hierarchical framework of control to the distribution of more power to a localized base. This is not about anarchy; it is about utilizing the existing system so that it serves the people, instead of supporting corporate greed and the removal of liberties. The pandemic has provided a rapid acceleration to enact Corporate Rule. This can also be an acceleration for Home Rule.
By understanding the wiring of the present system, the trigger for systemic change becomes clear. This trigger is also where grassroots have the biggest advantage, and Elite Corporate Systems have the greatest disadvantage. Our societal trigger point is located within your local county, city and town. Understanding the playing field reveals a strategy to effectively and efficiently shift to the common good — through that trigger.

The application of this strategy started in Maui County, Hawaii. Maui became a Paradise Lost in the 1800s, when the sovereign Hawaiian nation was overthrown and then blanketed by systems designed to enrich the few at the cost of the many. The same system is currently casting its dark shadow over much of this planet. It is a fascinating story, with many relevant insights on our present-day situation. Everything changed in 2018, when an effective strategy ended 125 years of corporate rule.
Because of our success, big money came back with a vengeance. In 2020, out-of-county big-money corporations spent 43 times the amount of money our local progressive group had. Although they endorsed the exact opposite of what we were supporting, we won 14 of 16 candidates and charter amendments. Grassroots and truth can easily beat big money and propaganda. We were able to do that both before and after the pandemic. It’s very doable in your local area as well, even with restrictions.

The primary challenge and battle in making system change is within each of us. Propaganda, fake news and generations of conditioning are some of the tools used by the Corporate Elite to lull society into a trance with fabricated and distorted stories that place a veil over facts and intentions. This book lifts off that veil and empowers you to create a bright future.

The Appendix explores important topics, such as the many facets of social engineering and propaganda and ways to diminish their effect. Also, “False Flag Attacks” that are used to create a crisis and then provide solutions that further reduce liberties and extract tremendous wealth from the masses, is a well-worn tactic we all should be aware of, especially with what our global society is facing.

These engaging insights could lead to a local community venture that can positively impact you, your family and future generations. Gaining local control for the common good is doable and is being achieved currently in pockets. We can create societal systems that serve the people instead of corporate profits. This democracy is not a far-fetched vision, but rather a clear goal that is achievable by using both the facts and this empowering guide to systemic change.

The most effective approach to rid our nation of this exploitative, manipulative, unjust hierarchy is at the grassroots level, where we still have power. By becoming informed, we can direct this grassroots energy to the trigger that can rapidly, effectively, and with little disruption change our societal system to serve the common good.

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