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Fire Time Lines and Spread

The initial Lahaina fir on August 8 was initially reported to have started by a downed power line, visual evidence  refutes that claim.

Timeline: This is how the Lahaina disaster unfolded, hour by hour, scroll past first video.

Fire Paths the damage location of the fire that began due East of the Fire station. the fire follows along a 4x4 trail. the winds were going Downhill, so with logic, you would assume that the fire would travel in a W, W-NW, W-SW directions. there is a massive gap between the fire that started at the Sub Station and the fire that Started in Honokohau Ditch. The one that was in the Ditch and went west towards the Ocean...  The fire line of where it would have been the furthest extent east is along a road. 


2023 08 24 - Suspicious Satellite images of the Lahaina Fire in Hawaii. Arson?


The Maui Community Investigation does not endorse conclusions of causes

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