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Sign the Petition for a

Transparent Investigation & Public Hearing

 Into the August 8th Lahaina Fire

Short Video on Why a Transparent Investigation and Public Hearing is Needed

Sign the Petition

for a

Transparent Investigation

& Public Hearing

Into the Lahaina Fire

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We, the undersigned concerned individuals, come together to respectfully petition for a thorough and transparent investigation and hearing into the fire that occurred in Lahaina on August 8th, 2023.


Numerous anomalies surrounding this unfortunate event have raised questions within the community, warranting a comprehensive examination to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the findings. We believe that an unbiased and transparent investigation is crucial for establishing public trust and addressing concerns that have arisen before, during and since the incident.



Significant questions of trust have surfaced with the HI state's investigation. The Maui Community Investigation is pursuing four legal avenues, your support is essential:

  • Hawaii Civil Court,

  • a Performance Audit of the Maui Police Department,

  • a Petition for Grievances using Common Law,

  • a Bill in Hawaii’s Legislative Branch.


We need an open and transparent hearing, allowing community members to witness the proceedings and providing opportunities for public input. Additionally, we request regular updates on the progress  to keep the community informed and involved in the process.


Mahalo for your support.

30 Areas of Concern:

Five weather and climate anomalies on August 7th and 8th:

  • Wind generation? (Hurricane Dora was nearly 500 miles away and temperatures cycles on Maui have remained consistent since 1936)

  • White haze and particle coating in the skies on August 7th

  • Many wind cyclones over the water

  • Recorded atmospheric distortions

  • Strange cloud formations

Five infrastructure failures include:

  • Emergency sirens not going off

  • Cell phone service was down before the fire

  • Electrical power was off in the early morning (3:30 am)

  • Lack of water at resident hydrants

  • Police blocking exit roads

Twelve fire anomalies include:

  • Trees standing among the ruins with green leaves

  • Trees burnt from within

  • Melting of steel

  • Melting of glass

  • Strange incineration patterns on cars

  • Fire destruction around buildings and areas

  • Objects of a certain blue color tend to survive

  • China and plastic composition objects remaining intact

  • High levels of white dust incineration

  • Bodies with hair that were reduced to a charred heap

  • Bodies reduced to white ash

  • Accounting of those who died

Seven proposed causes that must also account for the anomalies:

  • Global Warming

  • Hurricane Dora

  • Geo-Engineered Weather

  • Electrical Fires

  • High Dry Grass

  • Arson

  • High Energy Weapons


To-date there has been no transparent public investigation into the 30 relevant concerns listed above. Evidence shows that the Lahaina Fire was not a natural fire.



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