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Fire Response

Community Response

Mystery of who attended the initial emergency response meeting for planning and directing of personnel and resources.

Police Response

Lahaina Wildfires Maui Police Department Body Camera Footage. Provided Version.

This shows police officers warning and helping people to evacuate.

Police blocked exits from the fire and seem to direct them into the blaze. Click here for Fire Escape
Well documented escape routs and downed power lines that were de-energized 6 hours before this time according to Hawaii Electric. Civil Beat provides a good overview.
Questions Raised about the Police Chief
The police chief was responsible and police perspective of him is interesting. Local TV report on how Pelletier disrupted the Maui police department causing many to resign (3 min):

A DEEP DIG INTO MAUI POLICE CHIEF JOHN PELLETIER .  His story is part of the investigation as he also held the coroner's position.
Firemen Response:  

Fire Chief Explains   View Here

NBC News

‘Complete madness’: One Lahaina firefighter’s battle against the Maui wildfires

Aina Kohler, a firefighter of 13 years, shares a detailed account of how she and other firefighters worked to combat the deadly wildfires that blazed through Lahaina on Aug. 8.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA is coordinating the Federal response effort with three disaster recovery centers on the island of Maui, and more than 10,500 survivors have registered for Federal assistance.31 To date, $20.8 million has been approved to assist over 5,000 households under the IHP.32 The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is supporting Maui County Fire Officials and other local partners efforts to investigate the causes of the fire including possible poor electric infrastructure and management. 


33 A lawsuit has been filed alleging these claims.


V. WITNESS The Honorable Deanne Criswell Administrator Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) United States Department of Homeland Security".

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