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The Lahaina Fire


In Lahaina, the small brush fire broke out August 8 at 6:40 am that was declared 100% contained shortly before 10 a.m. By 3pm a fire 40 miles away in Kula was at its worst and required island wide response.


At 3:40 pm back in Lahaina a fire started or a flare-up. Residents on the west side of Lahaina were told to shelter in place, according to updates posted on the Maui County website. No warning sirens sounded, there was no cell phone service. By 4:30 pm the fire hit the historic town. By 6:30 pm residents were fleeing into the ocean.

Proposed Causes of This Catastrophe

1. Climate Change and Global Warming.

This is the main possible cause mentioned on mainstream media. If true, factual data would confirm that. Yet, here is the weather data that refutes that claim. Temperature has remained the same, with normal fluctuations, since 1946 when thorough records began to be kept. Governor Green blames global warming; watch

 2. Hurricane Dora and the High Winds it Produced.

Dora was a small hurricane passing Hawaii over 500 miles away. Watch the satellite images. Large hurricanes produce high winds that only extend as far as 150 miles from their epicenter. Claims of high winds from this small hurricane make no logical sense. However, strange pulsating waves from a separate source were apparently generated and can be seen in satellite records. The timing of those independently produced pulses coincided with the high winds that hit Maui.


3. Winds Gusting up to 60 mph

It was incredibly dry and hot. High winds spread fires as sparks flew through the air. But historical data confirms that conventional blazes, feeding on organic matter, burning structures, and highly combustible fuels, propelled by wind and distributed by sparks, do not generate sufficient heat to melt metal and glass, nor do they spare trees and plastic, nor somehow dodge certain buildings while destroying all those around it.

4. Sparks from Hawaii Electric Equipment

A transformer issue or a tree falling on a power line and sparking a fire are highly likely and have been confirmed in cell phone footage. There were reports of transformers blowing up and power lines down. But this can only account for the first fact-based occurrence presented above.  For article  Against  Articles.  



5. Arson

Explore several potential fire start points that could be arson

6. Dry Grass

It is the dry season, and the ecosystem has changed significantly since the sugar plantation days. But this thin dry grass tends to go up in a flash and doesn't provide enough fuel to sustain a long-lasting fire. Brush on fire fails to explain the anomalies of this burn. Video on dry grass.


7. High Energy Directed Weapons:

The Pentagon is spending $1 billion a year developing laser and microwave weapons. The most prominent are high energy lasers (HEL) and high-power microwaves (HPM) weapons. What other governments are experimenting with similar weapons?


These weapons are directed in a tight beam and can be precisely targeted to destroy on demand. They can create fires that melt steel and glass while leaving plastic unchanged. They heat organic material from the inside without disturbing its structure. Learn More


Leading edge weaponry is always a highly secretive field. But it is not a conspiracy theory; it does exist. Such a weapon could potentially account for all of the above anomalies. This means that it should be considered in the investigation. We are not claiming this as a plausible cause but to outlaw consideration of it as a possibility would suggest a cover up. We want the truth, that’s all.

HI State Assessment and Working Group   See Report

The Lahaina Catastrophe is Not Unique


The same phenomenon and characteristics were present at the 2018 Paradise Fire in California.



The Malibu California Fire in 2018 was the same.



This is not the time for pat answers or shrill accusations. It is the time for reasoned, open-minded investigation and discussion, with every clue explored. We are demanding (and have begun) a transparent citizen-led investigation and we are compiling evidence, helping ourselves to discover the truth. We cannot rely on our state and federal government.

Please share this document as widely as possible, both on island and off. Send it to media outlets if you have personal contacts. Forward it to Influencers with a strong social media presence. Stay informed and help our work.

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