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Global Fires

Global Fires have skyrocketed in numbers, scope and destruction, it is unprecedented. Main Stream media keeps blaming global warming. but is there substance behind these claims (Maui temperatures have stayed consistent since 1936).  The truth we uncover in our investigation can possibly shed light on these global catastrophes that share many similarities.
Overview of Global Fires

Look at the mounting evidence of the similarities of global fires and their pre-designation to be a smart City. We just want to expose facts. Refer to the Smart City tab for more information

"The Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, affirmed that there is a "clear criminal organization" behind the forest fires in Valparaíso, which have left 132 dead. The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, announced that a "clear criminal organization" is behind the forest fires in Valparaíso, which have left 132 dead." (translated from Spanish).




Here is a very interesting coincidence - 

Chile's "wild" fire at Valparaiso and Greek "wild" fire at Rafina... - both cities applied for port expansion prier to the fires:


Puerto Valparaíso presented a port expansion project to the Port City Council:


Chile/Valparaíso fire:



The recent wildfires in Chile have caused widespread devastation, claiming at least 112 lives and leaving hundreds more missing. The fires, which have been burning across the country, have prompted the government to declare a state of emergency.

One of the most severely affected areas is the tourist region of Valparaiso, where the fires have forced many people to evacuate their homes. The fires have also been burning in other regions, including the Maule region, where 16 people have died.

There are several similarities between these fires and the recent wildfires in Maui. Both events have been characterized by their rapid spread and the high number of fatalities and missing people. Additionally, both events have occurred in areas that are not typically prone to wildfires, raising questions about the causes of the fires.

One possible explanation for the fires in both Chile and Maui is the presence of exotic pine and eucalyptus plantations in the affected areas. These plantations, which are marked in purple on a map, may have contributed to the rapid spread of the fires by providing fuel for the flames.

Some have also speculated that the fires may have been intentionally set, with the governor of the Valparaiso region stating that four fires were set simultaneously and could be intentional and coordinated.

In conclusion, the recent wildfires in Chile have caused widespread devastation, with similarities to the recent fires in Maui. The causes of the fires are still under investigation, but possible explanations include the presence of exotic pine and eucalyptus plantations and the possibility of intentional arson.


Chile's forestry authority registered 161 fires across the country are occurring right now. Covering an area totaling almost 28,000 hectares. • 112+ reported dead, with numbers expected to increase significantly. • Officials said that thousands of houses have been damaged or destroyed, including more than 3,000 in the Valparaíso region alone, home to some 1.8 million people. • President Gabriel Boric declared a state of emergency as coastal cities like Viña del Mar and Valparaiso choked in smoke. Residents living in central regions were also forced to evacuate their homes


"RAFINA, Greece -- At least 74 people have died in the worst wildfires to hit Greece in more than a decade, with some residents forced to flee into the sea to escape the advancing flames."

Master Plan for Rafina Port Gets Green Light

Canada 2023
USA  Paradise Fire California
Colorado Marsall Fire Boulder
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