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Maui Community Investigation 

Questioning the Official Government Reports on the Lahaina Fire
The Lahaina Fire Comprehensive Timeline Report from the State, and the Maui Police Department Preliminary After-Action Report have been released declaring the government story of what occurred on August 8

A series 15 videos by MCI will refute their findings and conclusions and also address many anomalies omitted. Keep checking back, there is a lot to disclose The first three videos will explore the circuitous route and the wake of the fire. Look at the data in our presentations, come to your own conclusion using common sense.
The Strange Fire Path and Selected Destruction
Tree Anomaly: Burnt from the inside out, deep into the root system
Trees burnt at the base and deep down into the roots, while the upper tree and leaves are not burnt, one parking lot had six of these trees that ignited from the inside.
Lahaina Fire Investigation Overview February 2024
Video Content:
Pre-fire conditions
Weather anomalies
Fire start and spread
Infrastructure failures
Fire Escape

Post Fire anomalies
Potential causes
The need for a public hearing


An Independent Community Investigation is Needed

We need your support to assure that the truth surrounding the Lahaina fire catastrophe is revealed.  Learn more about the petition here 

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for a

Transparent Investigation

& Public Hearing

Into the Lahaina Fire

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Without warning, Lahaina was ravaged by fire. Residents fled from a virtual fireball of destruction. The death toll is staggering: 101confirmed dead and around 30 unaccounted for. Of the 2,200 structures that were destroyed, 86% were homes, and almost every boat in the harbor burned. Lahaina was the cultural, historical and small business epicenter of Maui.
The Hawaii State Attorney General has hired Underwriter Laboratory to conduct the official government investigation, they joined the World Economic Forum in 2020 and was responsible for key contributions to the infamous NIST Report on 9/11/2001 filled flaws and fanciful conclusions. Can we trust the government investigation?
Learn about the investigations here
The Maui community is taking responsibility for its well being and truth. The incredible outpouring of love and vital support from local residents to those impacted by the fire showed how strong the spirit of aloha can be.
Our Maui community is also taking responsibility to find the truth of what happened on August 8. The Maui Community Investigation is a repository of data and facts. We are using four legal approaches to assure a transparent, objective, public investigation and hearing is held.
Tim Stokes, retired Fire Captain of Kauai
reviews anomalies and proposed causes and affirms the need for a independent, transparent investigation.

A number of anomalies and questions have surfaced with many strange associations creating over 50 categories of research. We are presently gathering more data and recording interviews which will be posted on this website.

Help us Investigate!
Share your Lahaina fire  PHOTOS, VIDEOS, and STORIES.


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You will retain copyright ownership. Name the file with your contact information, or remain anonymous.  Additional information can be provided by adding a text file and uploading it together in a zipped file. If it is important to you that the footage remain confidential please let us know. To schedule an interview please call Paul at 808-264-3536 or email:

Donations will be used for education, investigations and legal support


Learn more about the anomalies and proposed cause of the fire and actions that will help assure a transparent, objective public investigation and hearing

Interview of Paul Deslauriers by Eric West about the community investigation and a call to action.
Video Content: Pre-Fire Conditions, Wind Generation August 7,Numerous Fires on Maui August 8,Lahaina Fire, Infrastructure Failure, Fire Escape and Scope of Destruction, Anomalies, Proposed Causes
Was the Lahaina Fire Windstorm Engineered or Natural? You decide. Maui Community Investigation sub report by Bruce Douglas
Possible Arson Points. Maui Community Investigation sub report by Bruce Douglas

Organize for Systemic Change

Understanding and awareness of facts need to be followed by action to prevent further catastrophes. Learn how to optimize your actions for systemic change.

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